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Best combinations with a navy blue dress

What to wear with a navy dress: tips on colours accessories and makeup

We all know trends come and go, and over time are completely transformed to reflect the character of each generation.

Through the years something that has always been a fashionable classic and always will be, is navy blue. This color of blue demonstrates a smart, almost serious nature and even a touch of class within the fashion world making it the perfect color to wear with all kinds of garments, makeup and accessories.

If you are a fan of this color, but feel you are missing some 'navy fashion tips', we will give you some advice how you can wear everything from accessories and shoes to makeup for a great outfit.

How to wear a navy blue dress

How to wear a navy blue dress to set trendsTo begin, there are various colours of navy blue. First we need to decide if your blue dress is a brighter navy or is a darker, near black navy color. This way it will be easier to choose the best colors, shoes and accessories to dress your outfit. 

Regardless of the length, blue dresses are perfect for any occasion. Either a mini dress to go out at night with heels, a midi dress to wear at work in summer with light shoes or in winter with boots. Even an elegant black tie look works with a navy ballgown with stunning heels. The style tips that we give you below on how to best wear a navy blue dress with accessories and the right shoe apply to any one of these so keep reading!

Coats and jackets

Here we have tips on jacket and coat combinations to go with your dresses through the different seasons.

Some of the best colours to match with a navy blue dresses are grey, camel, red, and white if you're looking for an ultra-elegant women's look for or even red and white together for a classic spring look.

Which shoes to choose

Something that every woman thinks about when dressing is shoes. Whether it's heels, ankle boots or comfortable sandals, there are plenty of colors and show styles to go perfectly with a navy blue dress.

For a classic and understated combination, try a beige or nude sandals. If you want something more striking, opt for neon coloured shoes or a flirty fuchsia shoe look that stands out. Boots in different colours can been used with a midi or mini dress in the winter months.

Best add-ons and accessories

Accessories are something that many women use to highlight their style, but with a navy blue dresses they can brighten you up.

One of the most popular jewellery colors with a navy dress is gold. We suggest your brightest necklaces and some luxury bracelets and wear them without fear. As for bags, we suggest you try your dress with a leopard print bag. When you see your dress in the mirror you will have a little smile to yourself.

Makeup to go with your navy blue dress

Tips on what to wear with a navy blue dress and what makeup to useFortunately, blue is a color that looks good on almost any skin tone, however it is still a good idea to get some tips on what makeup can accentuate your features with your little navy dress.


Lipstick is an important part of finishing touch to any outfit to highlight our facial features. A woman wearing navy is often seen as strong and confident so why not combine your dress with an equivalent lip shade. A fiery red will certainly brighten your face and make that outfit stand out a little more no matter your shape or size.


They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and when it comes to fashion, making up your eyes are the perfect opportunity to create a style and look of your own to match the outfit.

Depending on the color of your eye, you can use natural eyeshadow tones or even explore using something more daring like a deep fuchsia tone to combine with a party dress. We also recommend that you use a voluminous effect mascara to frame your eyes and make you shine even more.Equally if you are looking for a casual look you can go makeup free.


When it comes to your cheeks, it is a good idea to have a blush that flatters your skin tone and accentuates your cheekbones. What we do advise is that you try to apply a little more than you are used to, since your navy blue dress is a darker shade, it can slightly dull your skin tone and reduce its luminosity.

No matter what style of navy blue dress you have or what you wish to wear with it, this color is perfect for all women of any age. It is just a matter of following some simple tips to show it off according to your style. Go set some new trends!
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