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How to combine green pants for women and best looks

Best looks to combine green pants

Synonymous with nature, youth and vitality, the color green in fashion is a great area of ​​opportunity for those looking for an outfit that reflects security and confidence. In fact, the great versatility of this color is almost comparable to that of black and white.

In this article we will tell you how to combine green pants for men or women so that you make the most of the characteristics and different shades of this color. In addition, we will give you some tips and ideas that will help you complement your outfit. So you can take advantage of the full potential of this color and wear your best look.

How to combine green pants for women?

In addition to being the color of hope, green is one of the most versatile colors in women's fashion, since the possibilities to create different informal and elegant looks with this color are endless.

If you don't know what shoes to wear your green pants with or how to wear that white crew-neck sweater that you got for Christmas, it's best to take a look at the following recommendations.

Best outfit to combine military green pants

Colors to combine green pants for women

Green pants are available in different shades, from the softest to the most intense, through military or khaki, so combining them with a color is very simple. To your green pants outfit you can add colors and tones such as black, orange, fuchsia, yellow, blue, dark brown, beige-cream and of course, white.

Remember that the color combination you choose for your look must be in accordance with the fashion of that season, as not all shades fit well throughout the year.

With what garments to combine it?

By combining perfectly with different colors, you can use your green pants with all kinds of garments, from the most casual such as simple blouses or shirts for day to day, to the most elegant such as blazers, long coats, tailored blouses or shirts.

For example, if you are looking for a casual outfit, we recommend pairing a black leather coat or jacket with green pants. However, if you want elegance, it is best to opt for a shirt or a blazer.

Accessories complete the look

Accessories are essential to complete the look, so you should consider them yes or yes in your outfit. Heeled shoes are one of the best options to combine with green pants, as they provide a sophisticated and elegant style. Although if you prefer comfort, we recommend wearing flat sandals or ankle boots.

Another accessory that cannot be missed when combining this type of pants are scarves, which will not only protect you from the cold, but will also make you look like a cosmopolitan woman, in the pure Milano style. In addition, you can benefit from belts, caps, hats and even jewelry both formal and informal.

A feminine perfume to combine with your green pants

And of course, you cannot miss that scent that reflects your personality in your look. At DIVAIN we have a large selection of equivalent perfumes for any occasion. Our favorite without a doubt to combine with your green pants is the DIVAIN-175, similar to Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent. You'll love it!

How to combine green pants for men?

Men can also make the most of green pants by following current trends and fashions. The possibilities for creating looks in different styles are endless!

Best outfits to combine green pants for men

Colors to match green

As with pants for women, green in men has a large number of shades and patterns that can be easily combined with any other color.

Of course, unlike women, men in their looks tend to focus more on more intense or strong colors such as navy blue or black. Although we can also find more vibrant and less intense colors. Mint pants, combined with other neon hues, for example, are a very popular trend.

With what garments to combine a men's green pants?

There are many options with which you can combine khaki or military green pants, for example, with a dress shirt or a light blue denim jacket.

You can also add a brown coat or corduroy jacket to your style for added elegance and sophistication. Similarly, blazers are excellent garments to complete your look, as they will help you to have an outfit balanced between luxury and casual.

With what accessories?

One of the perfect accessories to combine green men's pants are black scarves or gloves. This combination is very effective for those who want to be fashionable and carry a look style 'Bad Ass', that is to say, bad boy.

Other ideal accessories that you can use are, for example, backpacks or a leather men's bag. In general, green pants are used to create vintage, retro (hispter), Indie, 'Bad Ass' or formal-casual outfits.

A masculine perfume to combine with your green pants

The best fragrance you can wear with your green pants look is one that gives you confidence and the desire to take over the world. And at DIVAIN we have the perfect perfume. Our DIVAIN-037, similar to Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein is everything you are looking for. A sexy and fresh touch that will accompany you throughout the day and that will give you that security you need to wear your green pants like nobody else.

How to combine military green pants

The military green color in your pants will convey elegance and formality. Although it is a shade that you can wear at any time of the year, the best season to wear military green pants is undoubtedly autumn and winter. For example, if you are looking for a casual outfit for women, we recommend pairing a black leather coat or jacket with military green pants. For a more formal or elegant look, opt for a light brown coat and a white blouse. Gray, orange or stripes will also combine perfectly.

How to wear olive green pants

Olive green is one of the darkest and most versatile shades out there. White and black will combine perfectly with green pants for both men and women. For example, with a white shirt you will get a timeless look that you can combine with everything. Also, other colors such as blue or khaki will also look perfect in your outfit. However, forget about combining your olive green pants with the red one because the contrast it creates will not look good at all.

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