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Discover the best vegan products available in  shops and supermarkets

7 great vegan food products on the market

Today Veganism has ceased to be a simple fashion and has become a true lifestyle that hundreds and thousands of people now faithfully follow in their day to day routines. We now know that eating a vegan diet has multiple benefits not only for your body, but also for the nature and our planet.

If you are looking to make the leap towards a new, cleaner, organic diet, but you don't know where to start, in this post you will learn about some of the best and most nutritious, animal free vegan products including vegan chocolate so that you can fill your body with energy and enjoy it without breaking the rules of this new lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Read our list to get to know the best new products!


vegan-productsTofu is a great, nutritious food which is very popular in both vegetarian and vegan kitchens. It is one of the most widely used new products and is prepared from soy beans, water and solidifying elements.

Tofu is an excellent source of protein for those who do consume animal free foods, in addition to helping to lower blood cholesterol. Some of the most popular recipes that you can make with tofu in your kitchen are stews, ramen, miso soup and curries, where the tofu product replaces meats and cheeses.


Another of the most popular plant foods in the kitchen, even among non-vegans, is quinoa. This is a grain very similar to amaranth, since it comes from the same plant family. When cooked with a little water, this grain expands like rice and can be used in a range of recipes from stews, to pastry to create doughs for desserts.

Quinoa is high in protein, phosphorus, and Omega 3 and has the enormous benefit of being a gluten-free product. You can buy quinoa now in practically any food store so put it on your list!

Vegan Cheese

There are many cheese lovers out there who have had to set aside their love of cheese since adopting a vegan diet. There are some however who, although they do not follow this diet, suffer from a lactose intolerance that prevents them from enjoying cheese and it’s related products such as milk and cream.  Not any more!

Vegan cheese, with its dairy-free base, is made from a recipe that mainly consists of coconut oil, water, starches and flavourings. There are variants of all types of cheese, from the freshest to the strongest. Some of the brands that market a range of these products are Planet Organic, Veggie Delicatessen and Follow your Heart to mention a few. You can also now find main stream supermarkets such as Tesco with their own vegan range.

Vegan Burger

vegan-products-substituesAs we know, the vegan diet is all about animal free foods, in part, to help us look after nature. Fortunately, there are now more and more vegan burger alternatives available from the most famous fast food chains in the world. These plant and soy-based foods simulate meat in appearance and flavour.

Vegan Egg

If you are not vegan, we are sure you have probably never considered that this food may exist, but vegan egg is now a reality for vegans and those who suffer from egg allergies, but enjoy its flavor.

Among other brands, ‘JUST’, has introduced this product to the market that smell and taste like the real deal. You can make all kinds of recipes, from a couple of scrambled eggs to a complex and delicious quiche.

Bean-based products

Whoever said that vegan food is complicated and expensive, has obviously not done much research. Being vegan can be as simple as choosing the right vegetables that provide the nutritional value that your body needs. The perfect example of this is beans.

With an even higher protein value than meat, this vegan friendly food allows you to make all kinds of dishes, from hot casseroles to steaks and vegan burgers that can be grilled like meat. The best thing about beans is that you can find them in any supermarket.

Vegan Chocolate

It's here!  One of the hardest parts for those on a vegan diet is finding desserts that they can enjoy without guilt. Luckily, it is increasingly common to find vegan chocolate. One of the most common recipes is to mix it with soy milk or milk from almond nut to make delicious hot drinks in winter. Now you can dunk your vegan biscuits in Vegan hot chocolate too!

So now you know that following a vegan diet is not so difficult with these vegan products available. There is no easier way to take care of our planet and our health than by making small, delicious and practical changes in your kitchen and in your diet so add a few of these to your shopping list.

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