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The trendy colors of this spring summer 2021 are vivid and eye-catching

The colors that cannot be missing in your wardrobe this spring / summer 2021

The excitement leading up to the start of a new season in fashion is real. Yes? And it is that, every season, the great fashion brands innovate by bringing new colors, trends and garments. For fashionistas, this is a true fantasy, as human beings naturally love the new.

As we are about to enter a new season and start the spring-summer season (SS 2021 collection in terms of fashion), today we want to show you what are the fashionable colors of spring-summer 2021, and incidentally, some of the trends what else are we going to take. Let's get inspired!

The optimism is seen in the trend colors such as yellow, green or orange

Trendy colors spring summer 2021

After a 2020 in which neutral colors predominated, in 2021 there will be an authentic explosion of color. Pantone is revolutionized! We have analyzed all the shades seen in the Spring / Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks, and these are some of the colors and combinations that will triumph in the coming months.


Black never goes out of style. As Christian Dior once said: "Black is the most stylish color. It is the most flattering. You can wear it at any age. You can wear it almost for any occasion."

It is certainly an option that never fails in any season. You can combine it with pastel or vivid tones to achieve the most chic outfits, both day and night.

Hot Pink

Hot pink (pantone 17-1937) is a light but at the same time very vivid shade of pink. It is going to sweep this season, as it has been chosen as the favorite color of millennials, a generation that has a lot of voice in deciding trends since they are one of the demographic segments that consume the most fast fashion.

If you want to succeed with hot pink, opt for a two-piece suit in this shade. All heads will turn to look at you!

Marigold Yellow

It was necessary to put a bit of joy and optimism in this 2021, something that this shade of yellow achieves by far (pantone 13-0945). Combine it with basic garments and neutral colors so as not to miss.

Beige and neutral earth tones

Although this season color is king, a good neutral tone can never be missing in our wardrobe. In addition, they are the tones that best match the star fabrics of summer: linen and crochet. Firms like Jacquemus (which is so fashionable now), have elevated these tones to the essentials of each season.

Pumpkin orange

Although it is not a color that pleases everyone ... the color orange has been going strong in its pantone 14-1139. This is what the big firms predict, since they have introduced the brightest shades of this color in all kinds of garments.

Baby Blue

Baby blue is one of the big bets in this year's parades. And it is that this light blue feels great you have the tone of skin and hair that you have. It sweetens the features and is a safe bet to show off at all kinds of events.

It is a fresh and optimistic tone and as if that were not enough ... it combines with the masks that we have to wear so much now! You can not ask for more.

Bright green

The Italian firm Bottega Veneta has made this particular color fashionable that lifts everyone's spirits. Vivid and intense, if you dare to wear it you will feel more revitalized than ever.

A total look in this shade of green? Combined with clothing or accessories in Klein blue? Assured success!

Fashion keys of this spring summer 2021

Women's fashion spring summer 2021

The trends in women's fashion this spring-summer 2021 will not leave anyone indifferent.

What is the queen garment? The top. Without a doubt. Little by little, season after season; It has become one of the essentials in our wardrobe. They are worn in all kinds of shapes and colors, yes, with the common denominator that they are always tight. And if you opt for a crop top (a very short top, below the chest) you will have the certainty that you will wear the coolest look of all.

And although tops are king this season ... sweatshirts are not far behind. Get yourself some plain and in neutral tones to give a casual touch to your most glamorous look. Although this curious combination will throw you back. You don't know how good it looks!

The total denim look is also one of the protagonists this spring-summer. Combine different garments in this same fabric to achieve it. The optical effect is incredible.

But not everything in fashion is clothing. Accessories have the power to completely change a look, so we should not ignore them. Among the fashion accessories of spring summer 2021 for women, the pearl necklace stands out. Yes, yes, how you hear it. These elegant accessories come back stronger than ever, and will add a classy touch to your look.

Brands such as Chanel, Bottega Veneta or Valentino are the decision makers of fashion trends

Men's fashion trends spring summer 2021

The men's fashion trends for this spring summer 2021 are very, very elegant.

Brands are not complicated and choose to propose looks in a single color. You will see how you do not stop seeing wherever you go a total white look or a total black look.

Stripes are the king of menswear this season. Whether they are more 60s style or more contemporary like those proposed by the Japanese designer Issey Miyake.

And the garments that cannot be missing in your wardrobe if you are a true trendsetter, are trench coats, XXL-size shorts and Saharan.

As for the fashion accessories of spring summer 2021 for men, the long white socks stand out. Like when you were a kid. They will give a casual and sporty touch to your look, and the best thing is to combine it with loafers.

Remember that above all, fashion is to have fun, surprise and experiment with unique combinations. If any of these trends or the trendy colors of spring-summer 2021 don't convince or favor you, don't worry! The really important thing is that you feel beautiful and wear what you wear well. Even if it's clothes from the last century!

And if you want to always be aware of trends, follow these luxury brands closely, since they are the creators of all of them.

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