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Making crafts with plastic is a good alternative for a rainy afternoon

Planet First: Crafts with recycled plastic

Besides doing small actions to take care of the environment in your day to day how to recycle or buy in bulk You can also give a second life to objects that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Reuse is one of the keys to avoid the massive generation of waste and thus collaborate with the much-needed circular economy. Therefore, today we want to present you some ideas so that you can reuse the plastic utensils that you use in your day-to-day life. Do not miss any detail of these fun and original crafts with plastic, since you will love them and you will have a good time making them Guaranteed!

Ah! And do not worry because they are super simple, you do not need to be a handyman to make them look spectacular.

Crafts with plastic caps


The plastic caps are perfect to make a fun and original placemat.

To do this, you simply have to gather a few dozen (depending on the size you want your trivet to have, you will have to gather more or less, obviously) and glue the sides together with the help of transparent silicone or some special glue.

It is a very versatile plastic craft since, depending on how you glue them, you can make round, square, elongated placemats ... endless possibilities! In addition, to give it a special touch you can paint them in colors.

Flower-shaped Photo Holder / Card Holder

You will love this option, because in addition to being beautiful, it is very versatile. It consists of joining five plugs with silicone forming the petals of a flower, stick one on top in the middle of the flower and join it with a wire (which you can glue from the back with silicone) to another plug that acts as a base, such as and as we show you in the photo.

Paint them in the colors you want and with the help of a cutter, make a slit in the upper part of one of the petals, so that you can put the edge of a card or a photograph.

It is perfect to decorate any room or to place on the tables of your celebrations, surprising your guests with a card with their name to indicate where they have to sit.

We can help the planet by not consuming more than we need


With plastic caps, you can even make a mirror! Or rather decorate it, but with how beautiful it is, don't tell us that you don't want to do it. It is also very simple: buy a glass in a glass shop or reuse an old mirror that you have at home (this second option is the best so that it is a 100% ecofriendly craft) and glue the caps on the frame. Color them alternating two or three colors to make it much more beautiful.

You had never imagined that plastic bottle caps could give so much play, right? Well now we are going to see what crafts you can make with plastic bottles. They have nothing to envy to those that we have already shown you!

Crafts with large plastic bottles

Vertical garden

The result of this craft could not be more original. Place the bottle horizontally and cut a piece of plastic so that there is a hole in which dirt can get. Plant some seeds of your favorite plant and tie a wire or string at both ends so that you can hang it on the wall. To tie it, you can make a small incision on each side and pass the end of the rope inside.

We recommend that you do it on an empty wall, because the more bottles you put in your vertical garden, the more spectacular it will be.

One way to recycle is to reuse and give things a second life


Order is vital to feel comfortable in our home, if not tell Marie Kondo! And one of the ways to get everything neat and clean is to place baskets on shelves and put all your things inside them. Thus, visually, there will not be so many utensils in sight and everything will be more orderly.

You can make your own baskets with plastic bottles. To do this, you only have to cut the upper part of the carafe lower or higher depending on the depth you want your basket to have. Sand the edges so there are no blemishes, and now it's the fun part: decorating! We suggest that you make yourself with jute rope and wrap it around the carafe with the help of silicone. The effect is very minimalist but rustic and cozy, very much in line with current trends.


This craft with small plastic bottles will love the little ones in the house (although not as much as these children's perfumes). It is also so easy that they can do it on their own without your help. You just have to fill old plastic bottles with sand, dirt or rice; close them and color and decorate them as you want (as always, this is the most fun part and where you can let your imagination run wild). Now you just have to put them in line, get a ball ... and play!

You can also make crafts with plastic cups and plates as wall decorations or cupcake trays like the one shown in the photo. Cool right?

Glasses, spoons, plates, bottles ... are ideal for making crafts

If you are curious to know what actions we carry out in DIVAIN to take care of our planet, you can see them in the section of our website Planet First.

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