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Best lavender fragrances for relaxation

Lavender fragrances for relaxation and better sleep

Lavender is an ingredient that gives perfumes personality and a trail that makes them unmistakable. If you want to discover its irresistible and fresh scent, in this post we bring you a selection of the best perfumes that have a unique and very relaxing touch of lavender. You'll want to try them all! Take note!

DIVAIN-222 inspired by Sauvage de Dior

We start this TOP of the best lavender perfumes with a Must Have for men. DIVAIN-222, similar to Sauvage by Dior, is inspired by nature and we are 100% sure that its lavender heart combined with vetiver and patchouli, will envelop you in a feeling of unparalleled well-being. If you want to go for a good perfume full of elegance, this DIVAIN will be a sure hit.

DIVAIN-594, inspired by Honey & Crocus by Jo Malone

An unforgettable journey through the English countryside is what our DIVAIN-594, similar to Honey & Crocus by Jo Malone, offers you. This unisex fragrance is very inviting and will win you over with its delicious scent of honey mixed with saffron flowers and English lavender. Sweet, unexpected and full of life.

DIVAIN-362, inspired by Ralph's Club by Ralph Lauren

DIVAIN-362, similar to Ralph's Club by Ralph Lauren is a masculine fragrance that invites you to feel the luxury and exclusivity of the upper echelons of society. It stands out for a unique freshness that is given by notes of lavender that are balanced by a warm heart of Virginia cedar. To top it all off, an elegant base note of vetiver.

Fragrances with a hint of lavender full of freshness

DIVAIN-359, inspired by DEFY by Calvin Klein

Contemporary, elegant and unique. DIVAIN-359, similar to Calvin Klein's DEFY, is designed for a man who fears nothing and is ready to face any challenge of nature. It starts with a refreshing citrus top note of bergamot and lavender wrapped in an earthy heart of vetiver, which gives way to an elegant and subtle amber base note that gives light to the fragrance. You will repeat for sure!

DIVAIN-568, inspired by Mon Guerlain by Guerlain

If you want to make your mark, take a look at our DIVAIN-568, similar to Mon Guerlain by Guerlain. A very feminine jewel made for free, seductive and energetic women. It stands out for a combination of oriental and woody notes including jasmine sambac, Tahitian vanilla and Australian sandalwood. The touch of freshness is provided by the lavender and bergamot that you will perceive among its top notes.

DIVAIN-289, inspired by Luna Rossa by Prada

This perfume for men is a symbol of struggle, effort and victoryDIVAIN-289, similar to Luna Rossa by Prada, is inspired by water sports and is pure freshness and sensuality. An intense scent composed of citrus notes, lavender and mint that will not go unnoticed, perfect for summer and for any time of the day!

Lavender fragrances for relaxation and better sleep

DIVAIN-602 inspired by Libre by Yves Saint Laurent

A tribute to femininityDIVAIN-602, similar to Libre by YSL, represents a strong, determined and courageous woman who fears nothing. An explosion of intense and oriental scents that will unleash your madness. Its top notes are composed of a mandarin, blackcurrant and petit grain accord that gives way to a delicate, floral heart of jasmine, lavender and orange blossom. Without a doubt, an olfactory experience like no other. Try it!

DIVAIN-111, inspired by Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel

Feminine, romantic and with a sweet touch. This is how we define our DIVAIN-111, similar to Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel, a perfume made for young, authentic and dreamy women. An unrepeatable floral cocktail that will transport you to a dreamy garden paradise with its olfactory notes of lavender, jasmine, carnation and lily of the valley, among others.

DIVAIN-203, inspired by Egoiste Platinum by Chanel

Finally, we highlight our DIVAIN-203, similar to Egoiste Platinum by Chanel. A perfume with a touch of lavender, perfect for the adventurous and mischievous man who craves new experiences. Its top notes of rosemary, lavender, neroli and petit grain mingle with a floral heart of galbanum, clary sage, jasmine and geranium. Balanced with a warm base of amber, sandalwood and vetiver, you'll love it!

Now all you have to do is choose which of these lavender perfumes best suits your tastes, and if you're left wanting more, don't panic! At DIVAIN we have a wide range of matching perfumes for all personalities - find your favourites!
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