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How to do Korean style makeup step by step

Korean Makeup: A Step by Step Guide

If you love to hear about the best new makeup trends, you must have heard about the makeup that everyone has been talking about for the last few years: Korean makeup. If not, don't worry, today we are going to reveal to you how to do Korean makeup, step by step.

Korean Makeup, step by step

Thanks to its natural and luminous finish on the skin, the style of Korean makeup and the products used to make it, in its various brands, it is now more and more in demand. You will soon see it is very different from what we are used to in the West, since it does not use flashy colours that stand out on the skin.

If you want to go to Seoul and fit right in this is the way to apply your makeup:

Skin and Face

According to the Korean style, the key to making up your face is to imitate the skin of Korean women: white, bright and uniform, with the appearance of a porcelain doll.

This means choosing the correct make up base for your skin is essential to complete the look. The base for your skin should be as light and natural as possible without seeming like you have applies talcum powder!It is also a good idea to ensure you have good coverage for the look of uniformity that we need.

The makeup base most used in Korean beauty is the cushion base. This mixes the simplicity in the application of fluid bases with the practicality of a compact.

If you don't like foundations on your skin, you can also use a high coverage natural looking BB Cream.

Korean beauty products and makeup are in fashionEye Makeup

Eye makeup should not be too pronounced. You do not need to focus on emphasising them with colours in this routine, but instead shape the eye by playing with volumes. What is important is that the eye should appear much larger.

To do this, simply apply a pencil or eyeliner, (a neutral or light tone such as beige or grey is best), on the mobile eyelid, never on the water line. Blend it well so you don't see an overly pronounced effect.

As for the lashes, it is best to forget about mascara and curl them with an eyelash curler. If you can't live without mascara (something we understand perfectly), opt for one that is transparent or brown.

As a final touch to enlarge the eye and add some natural beauty, you can apply a little white shadow or highlighter in the area of ​​the tear duct.


Do not apply any product on the eyebrows. They simply have to be well shaped so that your look is framed. As an extra you can comb them a little, but always follow their natural shape.


Unlike the eyes, Korean makeup tends to make the lips look smaller. How? Blurring the edges.

Makeup is enhanced on the inner part of the lips, applying pink or coral tones, achieving the so-called bitten effect. To top it off, a sheer shine is applied, but only in the central area where we have applied the colour.


If you want, you can apply a bit of blush, but always a small amount kept very subtle, so that it doesn't stand out too much. Tones should also be neutral, like nude, coral or light earth.

Hte best cosmetic brands for a korean makeup lookBest Korean Cosmetics Brands


This is one of the most recognised beauty brands. It has a wide variety of Korean beauty products, to achieve the best look. The products have great packaging, especially the lip products. They are divine!


Another Korean makeup brand that stands out for the variety of its products and for their delicacy. Its corporate image and its shop are full of character inviting you to enter and lose yourself in them. The pink and pastel tones as well as the care of each and every detail will make you feel in a happy rosy world of a beauty and skincare shop.


This brand stands out for bringing Korean cosmetics closer to the general public, since the prices of its products are much lower than those of its competitors. Despite this, their creations give a very good result as well as application being easy and comfortable.

An ideal product to start with.


Being one of the oldest and leading Korean beauty brands, it has more than a decade of history. With this brand you can find all types of products you need to create your perfect Korean makeup routine. Its star products are without a doubt, it's BB Creams.

We hope that we have given you a good introduction on to the exciting world of Korean cosmetics and that you are encouraged to recreate this type of makeup. It's simplicity favours everyone.

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