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Find out which are the best types of highlights for your hair

6 Types of Hair Highlights that are currently trending

Highlights are the perfect alternative for those who want a change of colour for their natural hair, but without subjecting it completely to heavy dyes containing strong chemicals.

There are endless varieties of highlights and colours for each hair type, which in turn you can combine with hairstyles that flatter your face and enhance your beauty. The options are endless meaning it is easy to get just the look you are after. To make it easier for you when choosing your highlights here is a list of the 6 best and most popular types of highlights that are currently top of the look chart.

The best types of highlights and lowlights for your hair

Although classic highlights never go out of fashion, there are a wide variety of new hair highlighting colours and styles that have become very popular and are desired look right now, both on the catwalk and in show business. here are a few of the hairstyles and highlighting techniques available:

Types of highlights that are trending and that will give you enviable hairBalayage highlights

Balayage highlights are our first suggestion because, in addition to causing minimal damage to your hair, these highlights are so easy to apply that you can forget about going to a hairdresser and get the look you want at home.

Balayage highlights will give your hair brightness and radiance, since this style of highlights is about making very fine, light reflections throughout the hair, starting to apply the product about 5 centimetres away from the roots.

With the Balayage technique you will not have to worry about going for a touch up in a few weeks since its can last up to 16 weeks. It is ideal for any hair colour and both straight and wavy hair.

Tiger Eye highlights

If you want something different and innovative, Tiger Eye highlights can be a good alternative. Inspired by the semi-precious stone called Tiger's Eye, these highlights similar to Balayage add shine and movement to your hairstyles thanks to the mixture of several different shades and tones that are well blended and applied more towards the tips of your hair.

The difference between Toger Eye highlights and Balayage is that the Tiger Eyes are usually more marked and use darker colours similar to bronze, hazelnut, honey and amber. They are ideal to lighten and add lift and body to brown and dark hair if you want to maintain your natural colours.

The Californian highlight look

Although the Californian highlights triumphed a few years ago, today they are still in high demand in hairdressers amongst those with blond or lighter coloured hair. This style inspired by California surfers is achieved by applying the product from the middle to the ends, achieving a very accentuated gradient effect through the length of the hair.

Learn about the different types of highlights


If you are looking for some touches of light that add depth and shine to your hair, then Babylights are for you. Although they are usually applied on blonde or light hair, they are also ideal for brown, brunette or even red hair.

These highlights try to imitate the reflections of the hair of young children and are usually quite fine and natural and consist of applying the dye in several strands of hair that is fine. They are especially recommended to highlight the beauty of long or medium length hair.

Ombré highlights

The Ombré highlight look is a style of gradient highlights yet again that came from the Californian highlight style. The difference is Ombré is when a stylist uses the balayage technique to create a cascading gradient of colour that begins darkest at the roots, blends into a rich medium colour towards the middle, and finishes with lightened ends.

The colour gradient is very versatile, because it allows you to vary between a more marked contrast or a softer one that will help you maintain your natural tone, but with a unique highlight effect.

Blonde highlights

The Blonde style is one of the favourites for women with brown hair, since it is a style that favours darker hair. This style consist of creating a fusion between brown and blonde tones to achieve a unique light effect.
As for the ideal colours to achieve a perfect blonde, we recommend highlights in warm copper tones or even blonde if your natural tone is light brown.

There are so many options we suggest you visit a stylist who can blend and suggest colours tones and shade to help you find the perfect hairstyles to suit you and enhance your natural beauty.

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