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Best Original Gift Ideas for women in their 50’s

The best gift ideas for Women in their 50’s

Is it your mother's birthday and you don't know what to give her? Are you looking for a something special for your mother in law, or sister or just want to surprise a loved one? Don't worry, you no longer have to shop with no ideas and waste time looking for the perfect gift.
Here we have the best selection of gifts for women in their 50's. We include personalised and original ideas that will win over that special person in your life.

What to give to a woman who turns 50?

Gifts for women of 50 years old personalized and originalYou only have one 50th Birthday and you should celebrate it in style. This means that a birthday gift must be original, creative and useful. We know that it is tricky to find the right gift for a birthday or Christmas but with these original ideas we hope to make it much easier to get the perfect gift.

A personalised gift box

This is one of the easiest original gifts to find on the internet from amazon to small local suppliers. You can even customise it yourself! You just need to decide what gifts to include and decorate the box to your liking so that it is appropriately personalised. You can add a bottle of wine, favourite sweet treats, the best new book, beautiful messages and much more!

Experience boxes

Both old and new experiences are something we all value and remain etched in our memory forever. That's why one of the best gifts to shop for is a day out or weekend. On amazon for example you can find Wonderbox or Smart box with pre designed experiences or you can choose you own locally. Take that special person to their favourite place, if they love cooking a day learning new cuisine. You can also take them to a funny show at the theatre or get a Spa day or weekend as a birthday gift which most women absolutely love. Any new experience will always be a favourite that they will love and remember. You can also choose an experience according to time of year a weekend at the coast or the mountains.

Luxury Jewellery

For classy and elegant 50 year old women, a great gift to get is new jewellery. Earrings, bracelets & necklaces are popular jewellery that you can get as a gift. I budget is not too much of an issue there are countless luxury brands willing to make that special person shine with their new gift like never before. Otherwise any colourful or personalised jewellery is sure to be a favourite in their gifts.

A romantic dinner

If the special birthday girl has a love of food get her a dinner at a Michelin star restaurant. If your budget is limited or you prefer something more cozy, become a chef for a day and surprise her with a romantic birthday or anniversary dinner at home. Shop for the best wine and prepare her favourite dish.

One night in a hotel

A romantic night in a luxury or boutique hotel is a special treat for any birthday, especially a 50th. Besides being a birthday gift, it is also perfect for other special occasions such as Valentine's Day or your anniversary. Personalise it to their favourite holiday location and time of year to coicide with an event or time to shop!

Sports or extreme experiences

There are people who have a great passion for extreme sports. If this is the case then get her a great adventure on her 50th birthday. Take her out skydiving, bungee jumping, rafting, or any other adrenaline-pumping activity that makes her feel like a teenager again. it will be a gift to remember all year!

Custom Items

Another original gift is a personalised item. Here you have a wide variety of purchase options, from a mug or funny t-shirt or clothes, to something more intimate such as a bracelet with the coordinates of the place where you met or a necklace created from the sound waves of your voice.

H2 Perfumes to give to women in their 50's

Best gifts for 50 year old women to surprise that special someonePerfumes are traditional gifts for women in their 50s, but they are also indispensable. Here below we leave you a few ideas of fragrances at the best price. Discover an old favourite as a special gift!

Diorissimo by Dior

With a dominant spring scent that evokes the freshness of a garden full of flowers, Diorissimo by Dior (DIVAIN-554) is a good choice if you are looking for a floral, green leaved fragrance with bergamot, rosemary, lily, lilac and jasmine.

Miss Dior by Dior

Once again Dior makes an appearance for the elegance of its perfumes. In this case with Miss Dior (DIVAIN-582), its top notes of Italian mandarin make it a great perfume for the day wear with it's fresh scent.

La Vie est Belle by Lancôme

This fragrance is upbeat, elegant, and sophisticated. Its mixture of iris, jasmine, orange blossom, vanilla, black currants and pear makes it ideal for any occasion.  La Vie est Belle by Lancôme (DIVAIN-093) is a scent made for women who love the little details in life. This perfumes maskes great gifts.


Without a doubt, this is the classic of all classics; time stands still for DIVAIN-106, which is still one of the best-selling perfumes. The intensity of the aroma and the mixture of its floral notes make it one of the most desired gifts for women.

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