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Learn how to do a step-by-step facial routine to have smooth and healthy skin

Creating your perfect facial routine at home: steps to follow

Following a daily facial routine is essential to maintain perfect, healthy and young looking skin. With so many options, tips and beauty products available to us today though, it is difficult to know where to start.

At Divain we want to make it easy for you and this is why we have written this article to tell you which steps you need to follow to create a facial routine to leave your skin clean and fresh throughout the day. We also include some other tips on basic skincare for your success.

Why do you need a facial routine?

Daily skincare is essential to ensure good long term results and to prevent the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles or blackheads. Choosing the right products and being consistent in your skincare routines are the two keys to achieving smooth, even skin without blemishes.

In the next section we tell you which steps you should follow for a fast and effective daily facial care routine in just 4 simple steps. With facial skin care it is best to follow your routine each day over a long period to get the best results and give your skin the chance to look its best and enhance the beauty of your face.

For your daily treatment to work well you should ensure you get beauty products that match to your skin type whether you have dry, oily or combination skin. We also recommend you complete your beauty treatment with an eye cream to give some help to those specific problems around the delicate eye area such as contour, dark circles, bags ... etc.

Daily daytime facial cleansing step by step

Know all the benefits for your skin of having a facial routine1-Cleanse impurities

The first step of the routine is to cleanse the skin of all impurities and remove dead cells. This allows better absorption of the products and achieve better results.

We recommend you get a micellar water cleanser, which will help you easily remove makeup, excess sebum, oil and other traces of dirt. Cleanser is an essential treatment for oil prone skin, but is also highly recommended for normal and dry skin.


Step 2 is to use a facial toner as an exfoliator to hydrate your skin and tighten your pores. Toner softens and balances moisture, preparing it to absorb facial products better.

3-Facial Serum

The third step is to apply a facial serum. This is the best way to enhance the effect of day and night creams. Serums contain a high concentration of active ingredients that penetrate deeper and faster into the skin for better results, especially for dry skin. They allow deep repair and act as an anti wrinkle treatment.


Finish your morning routine with a day time moisturiser to hydrate and protect your skin from external aggressors, such as pollution or harmful UV rays.
Apply daily to the face and neck and avoid the area around the eyes, since there are specific creams for this, as mentioned above. Remember to massage creams and serums in gently with an upward motion and be gentle to your skin.

Night time Facial Routine

Steps to follow day or night for your facial routineCarrying out a healthy facial routine at night is also essential to have great skin. As well as washing and using a cleanser twice a day remember that whilst your skin rests at night it is more receptive to the products you use enhancing their effects.

Remember that facial cleansing in the evening should be somewhat deeper than that in the morning, especially if you need to remove all makeup. Not forgetting any pollutants accumulated throughout the day that stays in the pores.

You can repeat the same steps that we have explained in the day routine. Although the most recommended option is to use a single product in this case. You can use a cleanser in the form of a cream or gel. You just have to apply them, massage your skin gently for 2 minutes and rinse with cold water. We also recommend a toner. Toner can really help improve complexion and balance oil prone skin. You can apply a serum to help delay the signs of ageing and give your face a more youthful appearance before you catch some Z's!

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