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Children's perfumes are fresh, gentle and hypoallergenic

The best perfumes for the little ones in the house

Being a child is not at odds with wearing a good fragrance. We all like to smell good, including them, as it is a unique sensation that makes us feel great. It is also highly recommended to introduce perfumes from the earliest childhood, as they will help them to develop and begin to create their olfactory memory (vital for emotional development).

And do not worry, because the perfumes for children that we present below are fresh and soft, ideal for their delicate skin. Let's see them!

Perfumes for girls

Ptisenbon de Tartine et Chocolat (DIVAIN-903)

This perfume for a girl smells of tenderness, sweetness, delicacy ... come on, as soon as you apply it to your little girl, you will die of love and you will never want to let go of her.

It is an extremely soft and fresh aroma, ideal to refresh it and plunge it into a state of tranquility and well-being. The freshness is given by its citrus notes of orange and lime; and galbanum, jasmine and lily of the valley give it a feminine touch that you will love.

Brands such as Burberry or Bvlgari are specialized in children's fragrances

Perfumes for children


This cologne is fresh and sparkling but with presence, perfect to tell your child that you already see him as a little man. Among its notes we find neroli, mandarin, liquorice, caramelized apple and grass, which give it a carefree and childish air; along with musk and white clover; that give it body and make it a more careful aroma.

A whole reinvention of children's perfumery that you and he will enjoy.

It is good for children to wear perfume to develop their olfactory memory

Baby perfumes


Don't you think that babies give off one of the best scents in the world? Well, this cologne takes it as a reference, resulting in a soft and delicate scent. It is made for the little ones in the house, but we suggest that if in your workday or in your chores you miss it a lot, you apply it. You will feel that you are hugging him at that very moment.

There are also unisex fragrances in the world of children's perfumery. Let's see the two best known:

Burberry Baby Touch (DIVAIN-901)

This Burberry children's perfume is not only unisex, it is also designed for moms and dads to apply it to as well. Its fresh and citrus aroma is ideal for the whole family.

It has notes of orange blossom, jasmine, lily, orange, mint, tangerine, and milk !; that make it an aroma that exudes an enveloping tranquility.

We suggest you apply it before taking a walk in the countryside with your family, you will surely have a beautiful day and you will associate this aroma with that special day.

Petits et Mamans by Bulgari (DIVAIN-902)

This fragrance is inspired by the unique bond that is created between moms and their children. It has powdery notes, bergamot, orange and Brazilian rosewood (among many others); which makes it perfect for both children and their mothers. Its top notes are more vital and joyful, to then give way to those of its heart and substance, which will plunge you into a state of peace and tranquility ideal to end the day.

The truth is that we love it, since wearing the same fragrance as your child will make you feel even more connected with him.


As you can see, these perfumes for boys and girls are very dynamic and fresh, so they are also ideal for adults to wear, especially to apply them on the hottest days of summer, when leaving the gym or to spend a day in the countryside.

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