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Perfumes with a coconut scent to uplift your day and revitalise you

4 Coconut scented perfumes that you won't be able to resist

Not only is Coconut a fountain of vitamins and a superfood, it is also one of the scents most revered by women and men around the world. It's sweet, yet refreshing scent is your best ally to face the day with more energy and enthusiasm. If you want to try incorporating the scent of this delicious fruit into your daily routine, start by smelling it when you wake up every morning by applying one of the best 4 coconut scented perfumes that we propose below.

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4 of the best coconut scented perfumes that you will not be able to resistBORN IN PARADISE BY ESCADA

Born in Paradise by Escada (DIVAIN-536) is one of the most popular fragrances with coconut around the world. Launched in 2014, this eau de parfum is dominated by top notes of coconut milk, pineapple, guava and watermelon, so it is fruity and cheerful, ideal for summer. This fragrance is inspired by the spectacular turquoise blue sea of ​​French Polynesia.

To enjoy this fragrance to the max, we advise you wear this perfume to informal events in the summer season. We also recommend a spray of this fragrance on a daily basis to help lift you through your days with the best coconut fragrances surrounding you. The delicious sweetness of this perfume will make your mouth water.


Soleil Blanc perfume by Tom Ford (DIVAIN-595) is ideal for both men and women. The fragrance evokes a paradisiacal beach where summer never ends; the place that everyone loves, regardless. The perfume was launched in 2016 and created by the well known Nathalie Gracia-Cetto.

The oriental floral notes of this perfume, in which notes of coconut, bergamot, ylang-ylang and pistachio predominate make this a sophisticated fragrance that is ideal for daily use due to its freshness.

This unisex perfume is warm, sweet and exotic like no other; pay homage to the brightest light in our skies with one of the best coconut fragrances around and ensure you shine as much as the sun.

the best sweet coconut smelling perfumesPAULA'S IBIZA BY LOEWE

The scent of Paula’s Ibiza by Loewe (DIVAIN-646) is both intoxicating and addictive. With this coconut fragrance it you will feel as though you are in the warm summer of the Balearic Islands in a matter of seconds. Launched in 2020, top creators of this exquisite scent, Jonathan Anderson and Nuria Cruelles, knew exactly how to balance the fresh smell of coconut water with the warm touch of ambergris in its heart making it suitable for both men and women to wear.

This scent is an eau de toilette that contains the bohemian spirit in a single bottle and the vibrant summers that are experienced on the island of Ibiza in a single spray. As it is synonymous with freedom and enjoyment, the scent had to be a unisex fragrance. It could not be any other way it is a coconut fragrance enjoyed by men and women alike.


Undoubtedly, one of the best benchmark perfumes with coconut notes. As one of the top selling coconut perfumes around not only does it makes direct reference to this delicious fruit in its name, has predominant notes of Vanilla making it a top seller among women who enjoy sweeter notes in their perfumes.

Coconut Passion by Victoria’s Secret (DIVAIN-694) is an essential eau de parfum for the dressing table of every lover of this tropical fruit. Ultra feminine and sweet, you will instantly feel how it sits gently on your skin giving it an intoxicating warmth. Ideal for women of all ages and perfect to wear in summer with this tropical smell as it's heart notes.

Try it and you will see how you teleport to the heart of an island full of coconut and palm trees and glistening blue water. Live feeling like your are eternally walking on the beach.

We hope you are encouraged to try and enjoy these best selling coconut fragrances. You will see how they become a staple spray and you cannot live without their scent!

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