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Get the best perfumes to smell clean and to feel fresh throughout the day

6 Perfumes that smell clean or like soap to keep you feeling fresh

These days it is easy to find fresh fragrances of good quality with striking aphrodisiac essence notes. But when you are looking for something beyond seductive power and you need a perfume to smell clean and that you can use at any time of day, the choice becomes more difficult.

With this in mind, we have decided to make a new list of what we consider to be the best clean and fresh smelling fragrances developed from floral and citrus scent notes.

These fresh fragrances can be used on a daily basis without becoming tired, they are scents with  quality to maintain that feeling of freshly washed new clothes as you spray throughout the day. Let’s begin!

Perfumes with clean smell to wear at any time of the day

J’Adore by Dior

A classic parfum that should not be missing on your dressing table. Today this is still one of the best sellers worldwide for women. J’Adore by Dior is a very elegant and feminine perfume oozing beauty. Beyond its aura of glamor, the fragrance creates a great sensation of powdery cleanliness. Something that is well represented by its 50 ml or 100 ml droplet shaped spray bottle.

The fruity and fresh top notes of the scent uncover a vibrant floral background with a trace of vanilla and white musk that will refresh you throughout the day. You will love to wear this fragrance in summer.

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

We could define this perfume as a jasmine lemonade with a touch of bamboo and green apple. Dolce & Gabbana chose the best ingredients for its fragrance for women in order to evoke the atmosphere of a Sicilian summer, although they are also perfect to offer a clean smell with beauty and a fresh herby scent.

Light Blue Eau de Parfum (Eau de Parfum) has an ultra-fresh and casual fruity floral scent in it's top notes with a subtle hint of musk. We know that it has been an inspirational eau de parfum for various new cleaning products.

It is a good option for women who cannot stand strong perfumes and want to spray away and smell clean throughout the day. You can check the scent's freshness yourself, even when buying the smallest 30 ml bottle.


We now know that when an intense masculine base is combined with a floral heart that is powdery and feminine like jasmine and rose scents an irresistible seductive effect is created.

Don’t forget that it is among the best fresh citrus aromas on the market for women. Something that also helps are the soft notes of patchouli and white musk too coating beauty within this fragrance. With DIVAIN-073 you will get an intense clean summer scent that will accompany you throughout your day.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is a perfume with a fragrance of soap and freshly washed clothes

Ck one by Calvin Klein

This is among the most popular 'fresh perfumes', ideal for both men and women. Ck one by Calvin Klein stands out as being an eau de parfum offering a free spirited fragrance full of beauty and harmony, inspired by a carefree nature.

Its ingredients like green tea in the top notes offer a subtle sensuality. As well as giving off bright notes such as mandarin, papaya, bergamot and lemon you will feel fresh and full of energy.

This fragrance also has elegant aromatic notes of nutmeg, violet, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley.

Happy by Clinique

Happy by Clinique is a very pleasant and refreshing scent. Although it was launched a few years ago, it is still one of the most used fragrances today.

The perfume has a touch of citrus enhanced by ingredients such as bergamot, indian mandarin and orange. The accompanying heart notes are, among others, orchid, lily of the valley and rose. In the background a few touches of mimosa, lily, magnolia, amber and musk. Without a doubt, a scent that makes you smile and that smells like freshly washed clothes.

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

We finish this list of the best clean-scented perfumes with an eau de toilette (cologne) for men. Very light, subtle and one of the most emblematic French perfume houses that exist. In addition to offering freshness and cleanliness thanks to the citrus notes of orange and grapefruit, this summer fragrance brings a great sense of vitality.

It’s aromatic notes of Sumatran resin, well known for its therapeutic properties, shouldn’t be forgotten either.  Terre d'Hermès has been created by one of the best perfumers on the market, Jean-Claude Ellena. You will not regret buying this fantastic fragrance. 


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