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perfume that smells like Cherries 5 of the best ones

The 5 Best Cherry scented Perfumes you will Love

Cherries are one of the fruits that everyone loves. Their sweet, yet acidic taste is refreshing and completely addictive, especially in summer when the heat can be too much and our bodies crave fresh foods. Cherries are not just made to be eaten though, their characteristic scent is used in all kinds of products, including perfumes.

If you are a lover of this delicious fruit you are going to love these fragrances that smell like Cherries and you can find and shop for all of them on our site by just following the links. We give you the low down on each of the fragrances in our guide below.


Tom Ford's Lost Cherry Perfume (DIVAIN-637) This cherry scent is not just for women! Proof of this is this exquisite eau de parfum that the American brand Tom Ford launched in 2018. Its perfumer, Louise Turner, was inspired by a forbidden trip, in which seduction and sweetness prevail of other sensations it provokes. Lost Cherry is deliciously intoxicating.

The scent consists of sour cherry of course, (both in the top and heart of the scent), as well as tonka bean, cedar and Peruvian balsam which stand out and give it a masculine air. The vanilla, Turkish rose and Sambac jasmine, give it that feminine touch so that the fragrance becomes unisex and ideal for all any one.

Despite what it the scent may seem, it is not too sweet and we would guide you towards giving it a trail run.

Cherry can be a great unisex fragrance, like Lost Cherry by Tom FordCHERRY IN THE AIR DE ESCADA

As its name indicates, Cherry in the Air by Escada (DIVAIN-194) is a dedicated cherry scent. Once applied you will be teleported to a field of delicious cherry trees and you will feel a youthful and renewing energy invade your entire body.

In addition to sour cherry, its notes include vanilla, raspberry and marshmallow; which makes it a very sweet eau de parfum. Since it was launched in 2013, it has not stopped gaining followers. Despite its sweetness it is not cloying and its floral and citrus notes such as orchid or vanilla, provide it with a pleasant delivery and a touch of freshness that is ideal for the summer season.


Miss Dior Chérie (DIVAIN-133) is a fragrance devised by famed perfumer François Demachy for the exquisite French brand Dior.

The 2005 version of this fragrance has the Parisian essence present in each of its notes and you will find it is the cherry that stands out of course; caramel, rose, strawberry and pineapple all feature in this delicious fragrance and believe it or not popcorn too!

Without a doubt a super original and vibrant scent, it is not too heavy and really very tasty. It is ideal for spontaneous, sweet and fun women filled with a young spirit and who fill every moment of their lives filled with joy.

These fragrances are perfect for lovers of sweet and fruity fragrancesLOLITA LEMPICKA FROM LOLITA LEMPICKA

Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka (DIVAIN-074) was designed by perfumer Annick Menardo for the French brand headed by designer Josiane Pividal Maryse, whose pseudonym gives the brand its name. Launched in 1997, it became one of the most desired and sold perfumes of the late 90s, thanks to its great femininity.

Its predominant notes, which are cherry, liquorice, violet or star anise give it an intoxicating and addictive delivery, whilst being ultra feminine and bold; what has hooked the most dreamy women on the planet.

We are warning you, if you try it, you will find you never want to let it go. It will awaken all your senses and completely intoxicate you from the start.


Le Petit Robe Noir by Guerlain (DIVAIN-162) wants to be the 'little black dress' of the perfume world. That is to say: an exquisite and irresistible basic that never fails and that will never go out of style.

A "must have" fragrance, designed for a young audience, (or more mature with a young spirit), a scent that does not stop at anything. This fragrance travels the world captivating everyone with its smile, mischief and tenderness. Cherry has an ideal aroma to embody all this, which is why it is found in its top notes, accompanied by others such as almond, red berries and bergamot. The sweet and definitive touch with which this Eau de Parfum will seduce you, is provided by vanilla and tonka bean, though the almond is a fantastic touch to the delivery.

The French brand defines this perfume as "absolutely essential and irresistible, elegant and glamorous". It was launched in 2012 and created by perfumer Thierry Wasser.

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