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The cruelty-free perfume brands have more and more weight in the market

Are perfumes cruelty free?

If the 21st century has brought us something good, it is that there is increasing awareness of the need to protect the ecosystem. #PlanetFirst! With the amount of technological advances that exist today, and since the world of cosmetics is not alien to them, there is no room for brands to use animals for experimentation with their products. Don't you think?

That is why today we want to answer a question that surely has come to your head if you are a lover of the world of perfumery: Are perfumes cruelty free?

Vegan perfumery is a totally necessary trend to achieve a better world

What are cruelty free brands?

The cruelty free brands are those in which in the process of making their products, no animal has been injured or mistreated.

And of course, to obtain the final products, a thousand tests are usually carried out in which different components are mixed to obtain the appropriate final formula. When there was no social awareness against animal abuse, 100% of beauty brands tested their products on animals before they were tested by a human being, to ensure that they did not cause irritations, injuries, or worse.

Today, many of the brands have championed the cruelty free trend, since thanks to advances in technology, it is not necessary to use animals to test products. Sadly, many cosmetic brands remain on the dark side and continue to do so.

At DIVAIN perfumes are cruelty free

Differences between a cruelty free perfume and a vegan perfume

The world of perfumery does not escape this wonderful trend on the rise and there are more and more perfumes that not only do not test on animals, but are also vegan.

But wait ... Are vegan products and cruelty free products not the same? Not at all, although these terms can be confused as they belong to the environment of eco-friendly and are closely related.

A perfume can be cruelty-free but not vegan. But a vegan perfume is always going to be cruelty free. How is it possible? Let's see it:

Cruelty-free perfumes

A perfume is cruelty free when it is not applied on an animal to test it before putting it on sale. Manufacturers use other, much more ethical means to verify that it has a suitable formulation and that it does not cause irritation or rashes when applied.

Vegan perfumes

On the other hand, vegan perfume is one that contains absolutely no components aof animal origin . How? That some perfumes contain components derived from animals? You are right. And it is that the world of perfumery is so wide and its aromas are so diverse, that the creator of a perfume has to resort to sources of very diverse origins to obtain ingredients that turn the creation of it into a completely unique aroma.

One of the essential ingredients of animal origin in fragrances is musk, since it is an excellent fixative of the aroma and makes a perfume last for hours and hours. Musk is obtained from the glands of the musk deer, a species from Northeast Asia. The problem with using this substance in its natural origin is that to produce it, the gland must be completely removed, which causes the death of the animal.

A completely unnecessary death today thanks to the advances that are being experienced in the field of chemistry, since they produce synthetic compounds (that is, artificial) that have a very similar aroma, intensity and duration - if not identical - to ingredients of natural origin.

Currently, almost all fragrances are made based on synthetic components, so not only do they not use components from the animal world, but they also do not use wood or natural flowers to obtain these essences. Thus, it contributes to a responsible consumption of the planet's resources and, therefore, to caring for the environment.

And now that you have seen what their differences are, you will surely wonder ... Is it possible to find a cruelty free and vegan perfume? Well yes, it is possible. In DIVAIN, for example.

All our fragrances are cruelty free, so if you are looking for a perfume that respects animals, turn to the more than 500 fragrances that make up our catalog.

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