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The 10 best perfumes for young women who are full of life

The 10 best perfumes Young Women

Each fragrance with it's specific scent can, awaken feelings and sensations in us. As a general rule, fragrances can be made more appealing to a certain type of person according to their taste or age. Usually the later.

For example, younger women tend to prefer a scent full of life that accompanies them throughout their non stop day bringing energy. So today we are going to focus on this and give you a top 10 of the best perfumes for young women.

Perfumes for young women and teenagers

These perfumes will make you fall in love. If you want to surprise someone with a perfume, take note!


This is one of the quintessential perfumes for young women. Amor Amor by Cacharel (DIVAIN-056) is the perfume that represents a young woman in love or wanting to live love without fear.

The floral and fruity notes in this fragrance evoke that beautiful and true emotion that awakens with a first love. If the girl you have in mind is romantic, modern, feminine and sensual; this perfume will blow her mind.


DIVAIN-073 is already an emblematic fragrance and was launched relatively recently, in 2001. Its exquisite aromatic scent makes the wearer of this fragrance feel like a fairytale princess. The perfume is glamorous and elegant.

Prada, Chanel and Calvin Klein are some of the preferred brands by young womenLIBRE FROM YVES SAINT LAURENT

One of the idols of young women today (and also some not so young) is singer Dua Lipa. And she happens to be the ambassador of Libre by Yves Saint Laurent (DIVAIN-602).

Is the popularity of this fragrance due to its ambassador or it's delicious scent, (composed, among others, of lavender, black currant, Madagascan vanilla and orange blossom). The scent has become a reference point in perfume for young women, despite the fact that it was launched a short time ago, in 2019.


A fragrance as intoxicating and sexy as Poison Girl by Dior (DIVAIN-184) could not be missing from our list. This scent is ideal for young women, it evokes a fresh, energetic new sensuality, free spirit in a scent and a desire to indulge in pleasures typical of that age.

Belonging to the oriental olfactory family, the notes in this scent include bitter orange, tonka bean and Grasse rose, the best eau de parfum to leave an intriguing trail behind you.


Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger (DIVAIN-092) is good vibes made into perfume, which is why today's young women like it best.

This fresh floral fragrance is ideal for all occasions, especially when they include the outdoors and company of good friends. This is the best way to truly enjoy this top optimistic fragrance.


Scents with citrus notes are also highly sought after by young women, which is why CK One by Calvin Klein (DIVAIN-030) is one of the best selling eau de toilette amongst the young public. A perfume that evokes new freedom, nature and fear of nothing and no one.

This best seller is unisex, which makes it ideal for you to share with your boyfriend, friends or siblings. If gifted, this parfum will be well received. It is a fresh fragrance that will be loved fro its bright notes, you will also kill two birds with 1 stone.

A fragrance is the best gift for teenage girlsFANTASY BY BRITNEY SPEARS 

In our list of the best perfumes for young girls, this perfume from the princess of pop could not be missing. Britney Spears Fantasy (DIVAIN-060) is one of the best and most used perfumes at those ages thanks to its sweet notes but fruity and floral scent.

And it does not matter that more than ten years have passed since its launch, new generations continue to be hooked on this vibrant, top selling eau de parfum.


Daisy by Marc Jacobs  (DIVAIN-186) was one of the releases that the American designer's brand launched in 2007 to attract a new, younger audience.

Despite its short time on the shelf, it is already a classic spring fragrance with floral notes as it feels like a fresh, pleasant breeze that allows the wearer to escape the stresses of everyday life.


An ideal perfume for teenage girls who want to stand out and attract attention without losing an iota of femininity, is Pleasures by Estée Lauder (DIVAIN-118). This delicate eau de parfum is the perfect scent for a feminine and romantic woman who seeks to enjoy everyday pleasures.


Last but not least, we want to present you Candy by Prada (DIVAIN-116). One of the best and top selling fragrances for young girls, thanks to the exquisite sweet combination of caramel and vanilla.

Not suitable for girls who are not passionate. This fragrance is an ode to self-confidence and "more is more."

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