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These are the best beard oils to introduce into your life

What are the best beard oils and why should you use them?

Beards are more fashionable than ever. Hipster fever is here to stay. And it is enough to take a walk to realize that more and more men (both young and old, although especially the former) choose to wear beards. They provide masculinity and completely change the expression and features of the face, which is why they are usually very flattering.

But of course, it is useless to have a beard if you don't take care of it and maintain it well. If not, you will look dirty and raggedy. And you don't want that do you? Don't worry, because today we bring you a product that will be great for you to show off a beautiful beard: the best beard oils.

Jojoba oil, almond oil or castor oil are very beneficial ingredients for hair health.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a composition made from a mixture of natural essential oils whose properties are excellent for hair maintenance. Its ingredients vary from one to another, the most common being castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil or jojoba oil.

Depending on the natural ingredients it contains, these oils will benefit your beard in different ways. Jojoba oil for the beard, for example, is great to restore the strength and shine of the hair; While castor oil for the beard is more indicated to regenerate and hydrate the skin in this area, allowing the hair to grow stronger and healthier and avoid infections. Rosemary oil is great for stimulating growth.

How do you apply beard oil?

Applying it is, simple no, very simple. The only thing that you do have to take into account is not to add too much product, since the texture and consistency of the oil is very greasy, and if you apply more than you should, you will have a horrible appearance.

With three or four drops, it is more than enough. Put them in the palm of your hand and rub them to impregnate them well with the oil. With friction and heat, the components and aromas of the oil will be activated and enhanced.

Now you just have to massage your beard and the skin under it, making sure to reach every corner. If you have it in the “Santa Claus” style, long and thick, it is best to start by massaging the part of the chin so that the entire length of your beard is benefited by the oil.

And if you want it to look even more spectacular, shape it with your hands or with a special beard brush.

Why should you use oils to care for your beard?

The fact that it is a small hair area does not mean that it does not have to be cared for and its needs met with specific products for it. And, being on the face and always exposed, beards suffer much more from the inclemency of the weather and the elements that surround us. Therefore, you have to use beard oil, because like this:

You will hydrate it, making it look much more beautiful and healthy and avoiding the annoying itching that occurs due to dry skin. Because yes, these oils not only hydrate the hair, but also hydrate the skin under it.

You will eliminate dandruff, since the components of these oils are the best allies to prevent its appearance.

It will be much stronger and healthier, so that it will not fall out or appear split ends (make no mistake, split ends do not appear only in long manes).

The feeling of freshness that you will have after applying it, is unmatched.

And it will look much prettier. In short, it will make it shine more and be smoother and silkier.

The Best Beard Oils

Although making a homemade beard oil is not very complex, we recommend that you start by purchasing one of these products that we recommend. And if you find yourself addicted to using it, try making it yourself, it will be rewarding and fun!

A well-groomed beard is something that will make you look much more handsome.


Hey Joe brand beard oil is one of the most distinguished and popular in this market. Its success is due to the high quality of its ingredients (among which jojoba oil, argan oil and macadamia oil stand out). In addition, its aroma is exquisite, worthy of the most elegant and exclusive men in the world.


This oil not only hydrates and nourishes facial hair, but also nuances gray hair and the yellowish tone that occurs in smokers' beards, thanks to its violet color. And if that were not enough, it is rich in vitamin E, which gives it antioxidant properties.


If you want a super organic oil, this is the one for you. Eugene Perma Essentiel blends oils that are 98% natural in composition, such as jojoba, grape or olive oil.

We hope you will be encouraged to incorporate this product into your life, you will see how your appearance improves incredibly! And if you like to take care of yourself, you cannot miss our article on how to fix a beard at home.
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