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Making your perfume last longer on your skin is very simple thanks to these tricks.

Tips to make a perfume last longer

One of the best compliments they can tell you is how good you smell! Yes? Fragrances give us a thousand and one sensations and, let's not kid ourselves, we love the fact that they intoxicate everyone around us.

That is why today we want to give you a series of tips so that you know where to apply the perfume so that it lasts longer, and that way, nothing can resist you.

How to apply perfume to make it last longer

Although, as we will see later, the pH of the skin is a determining factor in the duration of a perfume and depending on the level you have, you should apply one type of perfume or another, these tips are essential to make, in general, your perfume last longer.


With clean skin the aroma will fix better, especially if you shower with hot water, since the pores will open and absorb the aroma much more.


The perfume will have much more permanence if it is applied on a well-hydrated body. So it is best to apply a little moisturizer before applying the perfume.

Of course, it should be a cream with a neutral smell so that an explosive aromatic cocktail is not produced.


The ideal areas to apply perfume are the pulse points. And what are these?

Very simple, all those in which you feel your heartbeat; such as behind the ears, on the wrists, on the inside of the elbows, on the clavicles or behind the knees.

This is because in these areas the body temperature is higher and the perfume evaporates more slowly.


Do not place the dispenser too close to the skinsince it is totally counterproductive. The best thing is that you place it at about 10 centimeters.

In this way, the aroma will be delicately distributed and the fragrance will be at its maximum performance, smelling like a charm.


Although we already know that with the prices we have in DIVAIN it does not hurt you much to spend and spend bottles of perfume ... it is not a good thing that you "abuse" in it every time you apply it.

And, the perfume becomes imperceptible to your own nose a few minutes after applying it, since you get used to it. But that does not mean that you lack it, everyone around you will be able to smell it. Of course, you can give yourself some occasional touch-ups so as not to lose the intensity of the aroma because a fragrance usually lasts an average of 6 hours.

Surely if you follow these tips on how to apply perfume, you will make it last longer on your skin. And if you want the smell to be "eternal", apply it also to the clothes, although be careful that this is not very delicate so that stains are not produced that are later difficult to remove. Ah! And we do not recommend at all that you apply it on the hair, since it dries it very much.

Although of course, there are certain factors that influence the durability of aromas such as sweating, eating habits or skin pH. We are going to see in more depth how the latter affects us when it comes to making our favorite fragrances last much longer.

The clavicles, wrists or behind the ears are the best areas to apply the perfume.

The duration of the perfume according to the pH of your skin

Keep in mind that the pH of the skin has to do (and a lot) with the duration of the perfume on the skin. We are going to see the different types of skin and which are the most recommended types of perfume (according to olfactory family and intensity) for each of them.

Acidic skin

Acidic skin is one that has the lowest pH, with a value between 10 and 15. In these skins, the concentration of acids generated naturally by the body (necessary for its well-being) is much higher than normal; so they are much drier and prone to redness.

The fixation of aromas is worse on dry skin, so if you have this type of skin and want the perfumes to last longer, you have to opt for the sweetest olfactory families, such as that of vanilla, that of musk wave woody.

Neutral skin

With a pH between 16 and 20, neutral skins are the most balanced and in which all kinds of perfumes last longer.

Alkaline skin

Alkaline skins are characterized by their smoothness and hydration. It is the complete opposite of acidic skin, since it is the skin with the highest pH level (21 or more).

An alkaline skin intensifies the aromas, so if you have this type, it is not recommended that you use too intense fragrances, unless you want to intoxicate (in the bad sense of the word) everyone around you.

If you have this type, we recommend fresh perfumes, such as those of the aquatic olfactory family, the chipre olfactory family wave citrus olfactory family.

We hope that now that you know where the perfume is applied to make it last longer, you get the most out of your fragrances and that they accompany you throughout the day, in order to make it more bearable. And it is that with a good perfume, everything is better!

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