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Woody perfumes are intense, opulent, warm and very sophisticated


A walk in the forest is one of the best activities that we can carry out in our life. Just like taking shelter in front of a fireplace when the cold is pressing, but how to transfer that feeling to a perfume? Very easy. Applying a woody perfume.

These are usually dry, warm, opulent and sophisticated scents; perfect for saying: "Here I am!" Although in today's article we are going to present you only perfumes belonging to the woody olfactory family, the vast majority of fragrances on the market (nothing more and nothing less than approximately 80% of them) usually contain these notes as a final touch.

They are ideal for use as a night perfume or as a scent for the cold seasons, since they generally have a powerful base and a medium / high intensity.

After this brief introduction, we are now on our selection of the best woody perfumes for men and women.

Designers like Tom Ford use oud wood a lot in their fragrances

Woody perfumes for women

It is not easy as fragrances with woody notes tend to be masculine, but we have thoroughly inspected our catalogue to present you a selection with two of the best woody perfumes for women. Here they go!:

Santal Blush by Tom Ford (DIVAIN-629)

There are not many women's oud perfumes on the market. Maybe it is (and this is just our guess) because it is difficult to compete with Santal Blush. Intense, exotic and very woody, thanks to the presence of sandalwood, benzoin, Virginia cedar, musk and oud wood in its “DNA”.

If you consider yourself unique and with a strong personality, it is normal that it is difficult for you to find a fragrance that is up to you, but this is it, so give it a try because you will not regret it!

Narciso Rodriguez For Her by Narciso Rodriguez (DIVAIN-076)

One of the most sought after scent combinations within woody fragrances for women is that of woody floral musk perfumes for women. And one of its best examples is this eau de parfum by the Spanish designer Narciso Rodríguez.

Fresh and simple, it is perfect to wear on any occasion, since with it you will feel better than good. Rose, peach, musk, amber, sandalwood and patchouli. Sounds good right? Well, it smells better!

Woody men's perfumes

Woody men's perfumes are (almost) infinite. And it is that the intensity and body of its aromas give the fragrance robustness and virility, qualities that are ideal for men's fragrances. Here is a compilation of the woody aromas that cannot be missing in your collection if you consider yourself a good lover of this olfactory family. Here are the best woody men's perfumes:


That our DIVAIN-204 (make click here to see its equivalence) is one of the best and most famous aquatic woody perfumes for men, it is a reality. Its woody notes are due to the presence of ingredients such as guaiac wood, patchouli or oak moss; that marry perfectly with marine and floral notes such as jasmine.

Although it is of recent creation (it was launched in 2013) it has already marked a before and after in the world of men's perfumery, gaining followers all over the world. Apply it and feel how the force of the Earth and the ocean run through your veins.

Almost 80% of perfumes contain woody notes

Oud Eau de Cologne Concentrée by Acqua di Parma (DIVAIN-318)

If you have come to this article it is probably because you are looking for a perfume for men with the smell of wood. A pure, intense wood. Well, here is the one that we consider that you have to prove yes or yes.

The presence of such exotic woods as oud and amyris make this fragrance absolutely delicious and unconventional. Exoticism, warmth and freshness but adds intensity in a single bottle. If you try it, you will not be able to stop wearing it.

Michael Kors for Men (DIVAIN-284)

The intensity and robustness of the woody aromas are not incompatible with luxury and exclusivity. Proof of this is this woody oriental men's perfume from the American brand Michael Kors.

Choose it and you will be enveloped in a sensual and fresh aura, revitalizing like few others. It is so versatile that you can use it 24/7 but it will seem that you have chosen it especially for the occasion in which you are. Thyme, incense, bergamot ... a cocktail of ingredients for an unforgettable eau de parfum.

Tom Ford Extreme For Men by Tom Ford (DIVAIN-334)

Finally, if you are looking for spicy woody perfumes for men (something that does not surprise us because it seems that the woody notes are made by and to be combined with the spicy ones), this is one of the best options you will be able to find.

Tom Ford Extreme is extreme (worth the redundancy), unmatched and very luxurious. Of course, if you are shy we do not recommend it, because with its notes of truffle and fig it will be impossible for you to go unnoticed.

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