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Find out which are the best talc-smelling perfumes on the market

The 6 best perfumes with the smell of talc for your skin

One of the most traditional scents that we all know and recognise is talcum powder. This comfortable, clean smell that many of the most famous perfumes contain, is not only sought after by women for their babies, but also for themselves.

If you love the scent of freshly washed clothes and makeup, and talc then here below we leave you a list of the 6 best fragrances with the scent of talc. Soft, fresh and clean fragrances that will caress your skin and leave your body perfumed like never before.


If we're talking about a scent that makes you feel like you've just got out of the shower, that's Petits et Mamans by Bvlgari (DIVAIN-902). Although it is a baby body perfume, this spray fragrance product that smells like talc is widely used by mothers and by any women who wants freshness and vitality. Its aroma is made up of floral and fruity notes such as sunflower, chamomile, rose, bergamot and orange.

Talc-scented fragrances that will leave a feeling of freshness on your skinINFUSION D’IRIS BY PRADA

If your obsession is to be beautifully perfumed and smell like makeup and clean, you need to have Infusion d'Iris by Prada (DIVAIN-123) in your collection. This fragrance is one that mixes the classic with the contemporary and is a completely timeless product and is aimed at women who want to feel free and very feminine. Its main ingredients include African orange blossom, mandarin, incense, cedar wood and notes of vetiver.


This fragrance is already one of the best recognised in the world of fashion for its beauty and its delicate smell of clean and talc powder in each spray. Although the protagonists of Flower by Kenzo are hawthorn, Bulgarian rose and violet; Its formula is made up of many other ingredients such as musk, vanilla, tangerine, and incense. Flower by Kenzo (DIVAIN-090) is a fragrance that women with the need for fresh scented product must try sometime in her life. It is also a great bet in terms of gifts.


A minimalist and elegant perfume that smells of talc and is perfect for women's delicate skin This new mild, pure and innocent fragrance has a unique blend of pink, violet, rose pepper, peony, sandalwood and musk. Blanche by Byredo (DIVAIN-625) is so durable that it will allow you to enjoy each spray of this fantastic product all day long.

These are the most famous talcum-smelling perfumes in the fashion worldPRADA INFUSION BY PRADA

Like the feminine version of it (Infusion D'Iris), this eau de toilette fragrance has a fresh scent of talc ideal for an elegant man who likes to take care of himself and surround himself with beauty. Prada Infusion by Prada (DIVAIN-275) presents a woody essence starring mandarin, vetiver, neroli and grey cedar with orris root, among other ingredients. You can take advantage of this perfume for any time of the day and of the year to leave yourself or your man perfumed to the height of freshness.


Finally, we cannot forget about this delicious perfume for children. Ptisenbon by Tartine Et Chocolat (DIVAIN-903) is the smell of love, beauty and tenderness. A unique product that will provide you with freshness throughout the day and that has top notes such as acid lime, orange tree and galbanum, mixed with honeysuckle, lily of the valley, jasmine and other background essences such as musk, moss oak and amber.

These are the 7 of the best and most popular fragrances to leave you perfumed with a delicate and clean talc powder scent that exist on the market today. If you love this scent, don't hesitate to try some of these spay fragrances that we recommend at DIVAIN with a great price to enjoy feeling fresh and free throughout the day.

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