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Mother’s day presents: Easy ideas in complicated times

Mother’s day presents: Easy ideas in complicated times

Mother’s Day is around the corner and this year we will spend it in a different way, but that is no excuse to not surprise your mom with something unforgettable. We’ll give you some fool proofideas.

What to give for Mother’s Day

  1.     If you live with her, let the day start like it should: make her favourite breakfast for her or send her an electronic greeting with a family photo. She’ll love it! 
  1.    For the more fashion-conscious moms, don’t doubt! A perfume is the best choice. You can give her a favourite perfume delivered to her house, or send her a gift card so that she can choose the perfume that she likes best. It’s impossible that she won’t find one she absolutely loves on our website!
  1.     If she is a declared foodie, she’ll love receiving a basket with her favourite gourmet products. There are various websites in which they prepare them with exquisite care. In this area, a good selection of preserved foods could be a great choice: albacore tuna, marinated mussels, sardines, cockles…you can’t go wrong!
  1.    Does she love gardening, painting or cooking? Does she really want to learn another language? Give her an online course so she can start to get introduced to that hobby she has always wanted to learn or to perfect.
  1.     A year’s subscription to her favourite magazine could be a great choice, so that she won’t miss any issues during the coming year. If she loves reading and you want to surprise her, give her a literary subscription with a book subscription box: each month she’ll receive a box of new literature at her house, and in some cases, will also receive other products related to reading.
  1.     A bouquet of flowers or a plant can never fail, and some of the best florists can help you prepare a most pleasing surprise for your mom. And now that we’re spending more time than ever at home, she’ll have much more time to enjoy them.
  1.     A personalized cup? It’s possible. There are lots of websites in which, by sending a photo and details like the colour of the inside of the cup to personalize it, you can come up with the most original personalized gift. Choose a photo of a special celebration, a photo from the last vacation, or a photo of you together from 20 years ago. Without a doubt it will be a gift she won’t forget.

Now does it not seem so difficult to make your mother happy on her special day? Even though you can’t have her close, and can’t give her a hug, you can give her something special that she deserves. Which idea do like best?

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