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Discover the best luxury perfumes to give to that special someone

The Top 10 Luxury perfumes to give Elegance

Luxury perfumes with a special scent are an accomplice of the most elegant and seductive memories for both women and men. Fragrances created with great detail given to the scent by the most prestigious and famous brands in the world of fashion and cosmetics can be really enticing and a wonderful gift.

In this article we bring you the Top 10 with the most coveted luxury perfumes by some of the best known fragrance brands of all time. A safe bet for your gifts to create unique memories!


Ck One by Calvin Klein (DIVAIN-030) is a unisex fragrance for young spirits, full of freshness, personality and sensuality to enjoy every day. This luxury spray perfume, designed by perfumers Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont, was launched more than 20 years ago on the market and is still a bestseller today.


A perfume inspired by the freshness of wild nature and intended for every man who seeks inspiration in freedom. Sauvage by Dior (DIVAIN-222) stands out for its notes of bergamot, lavender and nutmeg. An eau de parfum with a unique scent that will let you live unforgettable experiences.


This perfume launched by the Armani brand, one of the best luxury brands, is described as a fresh, summery and seductive man fragrance for men. Acqua Di Gio (DIVAIN-027) belongs to the aquatic olfactory family and manages to perfectly mix marine notes with touches of citrus such as mandarin or lemon. It is an ideal fragrance for summer which women love. It is certainly one of the brands best sellers.

Luxury perfumes full of sensuality and elegance for men and womenCHANEL N ° 5 BY CHANEL

This fragrance is one of the most successful vintage perfumes in the world. It was launched in 1921 by the acclaimed Chanel brand and there is not a single woman who does not want to feel this Eau de parfum on her skin. Ernest Beaux, the creator of Chanel Nº5 (DIVAIN-106), manages to perfectly represent through his floral notes, strong, determined and elegant women. One of the best fragrances of all time.


A fragrance for men that provides confidence as well as the energy it takes to help turn words into action. Boss Bottled by Boss (DIVAIN-023) is also one of the most luxury, masculine and characterful fragrances by this well known brand. A woody perfume in which notes of plum, moss, apple and lemon merge with its heart of mahogany, cinnamon and carnation, to seduce you with a natural elegance.


Yves Saint Laurent's Cinéma (DIVAIN-521) was released as one of the YSL brands fragrances in 2004 to turn the women who wear it into stars on the red carpet. Its intense and long-lasting oriental-floral aroma, designed by Jacques Cavallier, will make you shine like a true Hollywood actress. A perfect luxury gift to buy. You will make women dazzle with this Eau de Parfum.


Ralph Lauren's Polo Blue (DIVAIN-202), luxury perfume is designed for the most adventurous and elegant men. It is a casual, unbridled, fresh scent with all the energy and freedom that the ocean transmits. Amongst its most prominent scents are the top notes of melon, mandarin and cucumber, another star buy as a gift this Christmas

Discover the luxury perfumes that are triumph year on year as giftsIDÔLE BY LAMCÔME

Idôle by Lancôme (DIVAIN-601) symbolises the beauty of free, cheerful and courageous women who have no limits. This perfume, represented by Zendaya, tries to awaken the strong woman who lives inside each of us to become her own idol. Bergamot, pear, rose and jasmine are just some of the essences that make up this fragrance by the well known brand to help a women get all she wants.


This Eau de Parfum is probably one of the most seductive luxury perfumes from Dolce & Gabbana. The Only One (DIVAIN-588) mixes floral and fruity notes such as bergamot, rose, orange blossom or violet to create a sensual Eau de Parfum, for unique women full of personality, that lasts throughout the day.


We finish this Top 10 with another great fragrance by a well known brand in the world of cosmetics and perfumes. Gucci Bloom (DIVAIN-572) takes you into a dream garden where magic flourishes. An eau de parfum for women that, through it's floral notes like sambac jasmine, will make you remember her most romantic and special moments.

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