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How to choose your ideal perfume

How to choose your ideal perfume

How many hours have you invested in finding the perfect perfume? It’s because it makes you happy when you put on a perfume that reflects who you really are.

Learn how to choose the ideal perfume in today’s article.

3 tricks to choose your ideal perfume without fail

The most important thing when you choose your ideal perfume is that you love how it smells, but also:

Don’t distract your sense of smell

Don’t use any other perfume, not even a body lotion that could confuse your nose.

Try only a few fragrances at a time

It is best to try only a few perfumes at a time, because our sense of smell gets saturated after distinguishing 6 odours.

Compare it on your skin

It’s essential that you compare the aroma of the perfume once you apply it to your skin with that on the blotting paper, in order to know whether it maintains the same fragrance on your skin.

What perfume to choose for each moment?

You don’t wear the same clothes to work that you wear for a romantic date; your fragrance also should be different depending on the time of day or the season of the year.

Perfumes for daytime

These tend to be lighter and fresher perfumes, easy to wear. Examples > Man | Woman

Perfumes for night-time

Stronger and more intense, perfect to strengthen the night-time sensuality. Examples > Man | Woman

Perfumes for spring

Spring is the season of rebirth, of again enjoying the light, and aromas with natural notes are the ones that prevail. Examples > Man | Woman

Perfumes for summer

The heat, vacation, nature and the sun; there are perfect aromas to keep us company on these occasions. Examples > Man | Woman

Perfumes for autumn

A transitional season that takes us back to our routines after the craziness of summer. Serene, but very personal aromas. Examples > Man | Woman

Perfumes for winter

With the cold it’s nice to feel wrapped up and completely protected, and there are perfect aromas to wrap up in and enjoy all the nuances of an intense perfume. Examples > Man | Woman

Do you know what perfume to choose for today?

You can sort DIVAIN perfumes with the filters and choose the season of the year, whether you prefer a perfume for daytime or night-time, or the level of intensity that you prefer. With these options and with the olfactive families, it will surely be easier to find your ideal perfume for men or women and to have it in your hands in just a few days.

Also, remember that if you don’t like it you can return it at no cost to you.

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