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Top with the best perfumes by Tom Ford for women

Best Tom Ford perfumes for women

Is there anything that personalizes us more than our perfume? The fragrance you choose will not only define you, but also provide information about who you are: are you sensual, fresh, daring, classic, modern...? A safe bet is to choose the designer who was at the helm of Gucci in the 90s, fashion designer and film director Tom Ford. Not only is he a prestigious figure in fashion, but he has also created some of the best perfumes for women.

At Divain, we're going to review a list of the top 5 Tom Ford perfumes for women so that you can choose the one that suits you best. And we'll warn you: it's going to be a tough task, as all of them are powerful fragrances with impactful scents, just as exclusive as their designs.

Tom Ford perfumes for women, which one is the best?

All of Tom Ford's feminine fragrances are acclaimed by critics and associated with luxury. They stand out for their originality, not only in the essences used, but also for their personal stamp on the packaging design. Something we love about Tom Ford's range is that they are intense perfumes with great projection, but at the same time very "wearable" in your day-to-day life (business lunches and other events) and at night, for dinners with friends or dates.

Analysis of Tom Ford Women's Fragrances

Below you will find a more detailed analysis of the best Tom Ford fragrances for women in equivalence.

Black Orchid  (DIVAIN-542)

This women's perfume by Tom Ford includes a paradisiacal flower in its formula, the orchid, which combines with a soft touch of spices, notes of patchouli, truffle, and black chocolate, hence its oriental air full of glamour.

Our equivalence of Black Orchid is an unmistakable fragrance for women with a classic touch, naturally elegant, and who know how to make their own decisions. Without a doubt, its essence sets it apart from the classic commercial florals, making it destined for daring women with abundant personality.

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White Patchouli (DIVAIN-631)

Another one of Tom Ford's top-rated women's colognes is White Patchouli. In this fragrance, the starring ingredient is undoubtedly patchouli. This is perceived, along with incense and woody notes, in the base notes of the fragrance, those that remain when the essence reaches its full maturity, in its final lap.

And what exactly is patchouli? It is a synonym of luxury, since centuries ago it was used on the Orient routes to transport delicate silks, which were wrapped in leaves of this material. This way they were impregnated with its scent which, since always, has been associated with quality and luxury. Its unique scent and long-lasting nature make it a classic of high perfumery.

In short, we're talking about a "chic-sophisticated" perfume, super versatile, so you can wear it in any season and occasion.

Highest rated Tom Ford feminine fragrances

Métallique (DIVAIN-638) 

It's incredible how this very modern and shiny essence is created based on "layers" of fragrances that overlap. First, a vanilla and sandalwood effect appears which, as it fades, gives way to a warm and creamy core of fresh white flowers. Then, when the fragrance clings to the skin, the subtle effect of metallic powder, green bergamot, and pink peppercorns appears. The result? A clean, feminine, young, fresh, and addictive fragrance. Don't miss the equivalence of Métallique, you're going to love it!

Comparison with the best equivalent Tom Ford perfumes for women

Velvet Orchid (DIVAIN-632)

Velvet Orchid is an intense, personal fragrance for women by Tom Ford that works well for all ages. The fragrance dates back to 2014 and belongs to the oriental-floral family. What stands out most among its top notes is the rum, mandarin, and honey, which definitely give it sweetness, but don't make it the typical fruity fragrance. In the heart, we find a floral explosion (jasmine, hyacinth, rose oil, black orchids, and orange blossom), which is why it's an intense perfume, but with a totally floral soul.

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Orchid Soleil (DIVAIN-630)  

This fragrance captures the essence of the sun. As soon as you spray it, you notice the spicy notes, bitter orange, and cypress. Then it evolves into tuberose, vanilla, patchouli, and lily. Our Orchid Soleil equivalent is a summery fragrance with citrus notes and very refreshing.

Image of the highest rated Tom Ford fragrances for women

Best Tom Ford women's perfume according to DIVAIN

The best Tom Ford perfume for women according to DIVAIN is Black Orchid. Here are two powerful reasons: first because it is a bold fragrance that will give you that touch of exclusivity that we all seek, and second, because it is highly sensual, due to the notes of incense and vanilla. Guaranteed: you will attract all the attention.

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