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Top with the best Louis Vuitton perfumes for women

Best Louis Vuitton Women's Perfumes

For sure, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the famous French brand are the luxurious bags and clothing that have managed to conquer haute couture lovers around the world.

However, Louis Vuitton is also achieving great success thanks to its line of perfumes. A collection of fragrances that aim to inspire and project all the values of the brand, such as luxury and sophistication, but without forgetting their more rebellious and fresh side for the people who wear them.

In this post, we provide you with a list of the best Louis Vuitton perfumes for women of all time.

Louis Vuitton women's fragrances, which one is the best?

The Louis Vuitton brand exudes elegance from every pore, and this is not something that goes unnoticed in its women's fragrances: the perfumes of the brand are characterized by delicate and sophisticated notes, combined with deeper accords and an overwhelming character.

Today, we will talk about the 4 best Louis Vuitton fragrances so that you can fall in love with them and choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Analysis of Louis Vuitton women's fragrances

Below, we provide a more detailed analysis of the best Louis Vuitton women's equivalence perfumes.

Attrape-rêves (DIVAIN-685) 

Attrape-rêves is the name given to this young and carefree fragrance. Inspired by the mystical dream catchers of Native Americans, our equivalence of Attrape-rêves aims to suggest, through delicate and simple notes, the typical dreamy feeling of youthful people.

The olfactory family of this perfume is the floral oriental, and features a blend of floral notes, along with spices that result in a sweet and delicious fragrance ideal for young women, with medium intensity and recommended for daytime use.

In the top notes, we can enjoy the aroma of lychee, ginger, and bergamot. The heart is crowned by peony, cocoa, and Turkish rose. Finally, the base grants depth thanks to patchouli.

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Matière Noire (DIVAIN-622) 

A much more mature yet adventurous Louis Vuitton women's fragrance, this is what Matière Noire proposes, a medium intensity perfume from the woody oriental olfactory family with a truly explosive combination of aromas from all over the world.

The top accord is composed of blackcurrant syrup and watery notes, which provide a first sensation of freshness upon spraying. Its heart accord features floral notes of Persian violet, narcissus, jasmine, and rose. The base is responsible for giving character to the olfactory set, thanks to the power of oud wood, patchouli, incense, and benzoin.

Most valued Louis Vuitton feminine fragrances

Apogée (DIVAIN-683)

A fragrance designed for daytime wear, with a tremendously fresh sensation conveyed through its citrus and floral notes.

Apogée is an ideal perfume for lovers of soft and carefree scents. With a very naturalistic harmony, Apogée becomes the reference fragrance for those who know how to appreciate the most extraordinary part of pure simplicity.

The top notes are mainly citrusy, thanks to tangerine and orange. The heart contains notes of lily of the valley, magnolia, rose, and jasmine. Finally, in the base, we will find a woody sensation thanks to white musk, gaiac wood, and sandalwood.

Comparison with the best Louis Vuitton equivalent perfumes for women

Les Sables Roses (DIVAIN-680)

This fragrance from the oriental floral line is a representation of the duality of femininity, a paradox between freshness and nonchalance with the intensity of passionate moments.

With a cocktail of exotic ingredients, Les Sables Roses is capable of transporting us to other places in the world in a totally unique aromatic journey. It provides a medium intensity and is ideal for nighttime use during the autumn months.

Its top notes move between floral and woody thanks to the Rose Centifolia absolute, Bulgarian rose, and oud wood. We then enter into the heart of the perfume with gray amber, black pepper, and the powerful saffron. Finally, the base provides the final power thanks to Agarwood.

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Best Louis Vuitton women's perfume according to DIVAIN

Although all the fragrances from this brand have their particularities and strengths that make them good candidates to become our travel companions, at DIVAIN we have a special fondness for Attrape-rêves (DIVAIN-685), for its carefree character and youthful freshness that designates it as a fragrance unique in its kind. For us, it is without a doubt the best Louis Vuitton perfume for women. Don't wait any longer and try its equivalence at the best price on our website. We are waiting for you!

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