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Equivalence perfumes have to come into your life

What are similar perfumes and why you should introduce them into your life

Let the one who has enough with a single fragrance raise his hand. The one who only uses a perfume for all kinds of situations and events; whether to go out to dinner, to work or to relax after a good shower. In short, let the one who aspires to always perfume himself with the same aroma raise his hand.

Correct us if we are wrong, but we don't know anyone. The world of perfumery is vast and full of extraordinary nuances, so just having a perfume on your dresser is making your life much more boring. And it is that an aroma evokes memories and helps us to enhance our moods. And these are many and varied, right?

If you are one of those who think like us and you love having a lot of aromas to accompany the different moments of your life, you have to introduce into your life yes or yes the equivalent perfumes.

An equivalency fragrance is the best way to enjoy the world of perfumery

What are similar perfumes?

These perfumes are those that are inspired by the aromas of the original fragrances of the big brands. The raw materials and essential oils used in the elaboration of the best perfumes of equivalence are very similar to those of the originals, for this reason they are so similar, awakening the same sensations.

These fragrances are much cheaper since they do not have to bear the costs incurred by the big brands in advertising, packaging and design.

But importantly, they are not counterfeits or illegal copies, they are simply inspired by the original scents and create their own. There is no patent on the original scents, so equivalent perfumes can be marketed as long as they use their own brands and packaging different from the original. Like when low cost brands are inspired by the designs of haute couture brands such as Balmain to incorporate similar elements into their designs.

Benefits of using similar perfumes

Similar fragrances are taking the market by storm, and it's not by mere chance, it's because they have earned it more than anything else. If you don't believe it, look, these are some of the most notable benefits of using equivalency perfumery.

They are much cheaper. As we have already mentioned, by not having to incur large packaging, design and advertising expenses, equivalence perfumes tend to have a much lower price than brand perfumes. In most cases they are priced almost ten times lower, and even more if it is equivalent to niche or author perfumes. Equivalence perfumes democratize the world of perfume.

The components of the best similar perfumes are also of exceptional quality and in addition many of these are synthetic, so they are vegan and respectful with the environment, collaborating with the responsible use of the natural resources that our planet provides us.

In addition, these components are much cheaper and perfectly mimic the exclusive components used by brand-name perfumes. Of course, it is more striking to say that a perfume is made from flowers that only grow in the jungles of Indonesia, but in the end, the smell is practically the same. In many cases only an experienced perfumer could recognize a perfume equivalent to one that is not.

And here is the most important advantage of all. Being much cheaper, for the same price you can buy many more perfumes, so you can use a different scent for each occasion. Do you have a special date? Well, a scent from the oriental olfactory family will be ideal. Do you want to relax after a long day at work? Opt for an aquatic perfume. Do you need an aroma that accompanies you 24/7 to fulfill all your tasks? A citrus or floral scent will instantly revitalize you.

The equivalences bring the best aromas to everyone

What are the best equivalency perfumes

After reading all the benefits and benefits that these types of perfumes have, we know that you will have gotten the bug of trying them. For this reason, we want to provide you with the link to the catalog of the brand of the best similar perfumes number 1 in all of Europe, DIVAIN Parfums.

We have more than 500 perfumes in our catalog, both for women, men and unisex perfumes and even for children and pets!

Discover our exciting world of the best equivalency perfumes, you will see how you do not want to leave it.

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