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These are the trends that marked the fashion of the 80s for men

80s Fashion for men: trends of the time

The clothes, dance and music of great artists like Michael Jackson dominated the 80's scene. It was also the time when one of the most important events in history took place: the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Many people say that the 80s were the best years for fashion amongst other things and at Divain we cannot agree more. Just look at how the hit series Stranger Things has brought the style of this decade back.

If you want to be inspired by the style and fashion of this decades clothing keep reading, we will tell you all about the fashion trends of the the 80s for men from the best clothing to wear, to hairstyles and which icons were the ones that monopolised this look on the covers of fashion and beauty magazines.

Fashion trends of the 80s for men

Colours of the time

As a trendsetter in the 80s, strong, vivid colours arrived . One of the popular features of this decade were neon colours, which we saw in many items of clothing from top to bottoms including denim and jackets, and these colours were especially back in fashion for those in music and dance.

80s Shirts & Tops

The popular shirts of these years were quite loose and used to sport colourful prints to wear. On the other hand, vintage men's t-shirts were round necked with striking tones that were often combined with a suit, as with the style of Don Johnson.

Eighties trousers and denim

Trousers and denim of this time included a relaxed fit with a tapered leg. The way to wear this style was often achieved by rolling up the bottom of denim jeans. 80's denim jeans were often inspired by styles like Break Dance. Likewise many would wear denim in a ripped or worn look, especially if you were a fan of punk style.

Features of 80s fashion for men and masculine icons


The suits worn back in the day were wide and the most popular were striped. Men wore the ties together with suspenders and shirts, although sometimes they changed the latter for a round-neck shirt style.

Summer in the 80s

The most popular swimmers for men were bright coloured, abstract print shorts.


Vintage fashion was linked to pop culture, as many trends were marked by the appearance of new musical styles. This is the case of sportswear that was widely used by some Hip Hop singers. Highlights include sweatpants, windbreakers, chunky sneakers, and shorts. They really do make us smile!

80s Hairstyles

The High Top Fade was the way to go for Hip Hop artists in the 80s. Mohawk hairstyles became popular alongside leather jackets and punk style, while Mullet hairstyles became the best option for long hair lovers.

Men's 80s Fashion Icons

When the King of Pop and his dance moves took over the streets, Michael Jackson became a fashion icon he made hats more popular, skinny trousers and long white socks.
David Bowie was another fashion icon back in the day with his irreverent style, this way to mix unique clothing features and unmatched talent, quickly becoming a benchmark for lovers of rock. Johnny Depp took a vintage look with which many men and women fell madly in love and maintain today.
Lastly, Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe were two of the most acclaimed sex symbols of this decade. With a touch of bad boy and college boy, unruly hair and the scent of motor oil, both actors had their 80's roll up jeans and sneaker look between others as well as the leather jackets and they became the image to follow for many men.

Learn all about men's fashion from the 80s in the UK and in the world

Men's fashion from the 80s in the UK

The 80s in the Uk are associated with chord or coloured trousers and patterned jumpers and shirts or tops. Shell suit's were also a popular trend back in the 80's. Many people decided to follow the fashion trends of other countries such as the United States. The garments most used by men were loose jeans, round-neck T-shirts or a top tucked inside trousers, bomber jackets and leather jackets.

Now that you know everything you need to create an impressive eighties look, don't forget to add a fresh and sensual touch with some of the best 80s fragrances. You will be the envy of many men!

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