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4 ideal perfumes for the Gemini woman

4 ideal perfumes for the Gemini woman

Constantly in evolution and in a continual search for happiness; that’s how a Gemini woman lives.

The woman born between 21 May and 20 June has an extraordinary gift with people, and she lets it show, because she is always the life of the party; it’s impossible to be bored at her side.

Routine is her enemy and surprise is her best weapon. That’s why you’ll often find her surrounded by friends who are encompassed by her creative personality

Perfumes and Zodiac signs: the Gemini woman

It’s not that the soul of a Gemini woman is variable, the fact is that she stores multiple versions of herself inside and adapts to each moment that she lives.

Intensity is her most characteristic trait, and her perfume should be the same.

DIVAIN-052, Perfume similar to Be Delicious, by DKNY

The Gemini woman loves a challenge. She looks for challenges and delights in them. A daring and impetuous woman, she needs a vital perfume as the perfect complement for any adventure.

Olfactive Family: Floral fruity Season: Summer Intensity: 2 Recommended Use: Daytime

DIVAIN-120, Perfume similar to Elie Saab Le Parfum by Elie Saab

Don’t try to tie a Gemini down, because she’ll rebel against your chains. If you want to keep such an impetuous lady at your side, give her voyages, new experiences, incredible challenges and a fragrance that reveals her personality with every step she takes.

Olfactive Family: Floral Season: Spring Intensity: 2 Recommended Use: Daytime

DIVAIN-184, Perfume similar to Poison Girl by Dior

A Gemini knows perfectly how to enjoy life. She cares about the here and now, pleasure and laughter, and she puts all of her energy into them. That’s why she also pampers herself with a daring and sexy aroma that reaffirms her freedom.

Olfactive Family: Oriental Season: Winter Intensity: 3 Recommended Use: Daytime

DIVAIN-151, Perfume similar to Boss Orange by Hugo Boss

Fun is important, but a Gemini woman is also an untiring worker who faces each day with optimism and energy. For these more mundane moments, she knows how to choose a perfume with as much personality as she herself has.  

Olfactive Family: Floral Season: Autumn Intensity: 1 Recommended Use: Daytime

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