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The differences between an eau de toilette and an eau de parfum are vast

What is the difference between Cologne, Perfume, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum

In the world of perfumery there are not only thousands of scents, but there are also different types of fragrances: cologne, perfume, eau de toilette and eau de parfum. Although their names are surely familiar to you, it is likely that you do not know how they are different or that you may even think that they are the same. But they have little of the same!

At DIVAIN we want to make everything easier for you, and that is why we want to explain the difference between perfume, cologne and eau de toilette so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs at all times. Take note!

The colony is an ideal alternative for the hottest times of the year


We are going to start by pointing out the differences between eau de toilette, eau de parfum (EDP) and perfume because it is undoubtedly the million dollar question in the world of perfumery. And it is normal, because these three formats are the most widespread on the market. We are going to see exactly what each of them consists of.


The formula known as eau de toilette or eau de cologne, has a concentration of between 8 and 15% of essential oil diluted in ethyl alcohol.

By having a relatively low concentration of essence, its price is much lower than that of EDP having a similar performance.

Among its most striking characteristics are that its aromas are usually citrus and fresh, since its main objective is to create that feeling of freshness that remains after a bath in icy waters. It is a very widespread format because it is very inexpensive, and is sold mainly in pharmacies and supermarkets. An example is DIVAIN-159, Acqua di Gio by Armani.


Eau de parfum (EDP) is the average scale between eau de toilette and perfume since its concentration is between 16-18% of essence diluted in water and alcohol; which makes the duration of the fragrance much longer, and can reach up to 6 hours.

This type of format is the ideal alternative to perfumes, since they are much cheaper but have a very acceptable intensity. This fragrance is a good alternative for those looking for a perfume that is long-lasting but cheap, since it has a solution of water and alcohol plus essential oils that reduces its price. An example of EDP is our DIVAIN-106.

For men, some of the best eau de parfum brands that we can find in the market are Armani, Creed or Calvin Klein. As for the female market, brands such as Lancôme, or Dior stand out.


Perfume is the pinnacle of the world of perfumery. The authentic one, since the rest of the formats that we discuss derive from it. Its origin dates back to the time of the Romans, when they used them to hide the strong smell of their bodies produced by the lack of a bathroom.

The graduations of the perfume reach an essential oil concentration of nothing more and nothing less than between 20 and 30%, which makes it have the longest and most intense fixation on the market. In addition, the essence is diluted in less alcohol, which considerably reduces the negative effects on sensitive skin.

Currently there are very exclusive perfume brands specialized in niche perfumes, both for men and women. Tom Ford or Maison Francis Kurkdjian are clear examples of this, since they produce perfumes of the highest quality and with a completely unique delicacy and aromatic composition.

Essential oil concentration is the key for a perfume to last


It's easy to think that they are the same, but cologne and cologne are very, very different. And it is that, the percentage of concentration of the essence varies a lot between one and another.

Invented in the German city that bears its name, this composition stands out for having one of the lowest concentrations of essential oils on the market with a proportion of 1% to 8% depending on the brand. Said essential oil is diluted in ethyl alcohol (ethanol), thus creating a fast volatility and a low impregnation duration. Its scents tend to be fresh, as a result of the use of citrus oils.

As you can see, the cologne is a super light format, so it is the perfect companion to sleep or to use in summer times when the heat does not give up.

The eau de toilette is also light and fresh, but it has a great advantage over the cologne: it lasts much longer, since, as we have mentioned before, its concentration ranges between 8 and 15%. Its aroma can stay up to three hours on your skin.

And don't worry, because if you are in love with the scent of a perfume but you cannot spend a lot of money, it is quite likely that it has its version in both eau de parfum and eau de toilette. Although the best option is always to take a look at our catalog of similar perfumes. So you are sure to get your favorite perfume at the best price!

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